Wright Morris

Winner, National Book Awards 1981
Finalist, 1961 National Book Awards
Finalist, 1958 National Book Awards
Winner, 1957 National Book Awards
Finalist, 1955 National Book Awards

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Ceremony in Lone Tree

Ceremony in Lone Tree by Wright Morris book cover
ISBN 9780803282766 Bison Books / Atheneum

Although Tom Scanlon would just as soon spend it alone, his ninetieth birthday becomes the occasion for a family gathering in the Midwestern town of Lone Tree. The unlikely celebrants take this opportunity to reconceive their visions of past, future, and family in their own grotesque and ultimately liberating ways. More about this book >

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Love Among the Cannibals

cover of Love Among the Cannibals by Wright Morris
ISBN 9780803258426 University of Nebraska Press / Harcourt, Brace

Speaking of this 1957 novel, the author has said it ended his obsession with the reconstruction of the immediate past and moved him into the contemporary scene. More about this book >

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The Field of Vision

cover of The Field of Vision by Wright Morris
ISBN 9780803257894 University of Nebraska Press / Harcourt, Brace and Company

'Wright's novel The Field of Vision brilliantly climaxes his most richly creative period. It is a work of permanent significance and relevance to those who cannot be content with less than a full effort to cope with the symbolic possibilities of the human condition at the present time.' --John W. Aldridge More about this book >

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The Huge Season

1955_The Huge Season by Wright Morris book cover
ISBN 9780803258051 University of Nebraska Press / Viking Press

In this novel, set in 1952 but intermingling the past and present, the protagonist reviews the effects of the Jazz Age on himself and a friend, recalling their exploits in college, in Paris, and in love. The result is the picture of a generation. More about this book >

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Wright Morris

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