The pandemic has been such a challenge for all of us, and this funding provides enormous relief and support as we continue to serve our community.

— Matt Weinkam, Executive Director of Literary Cleveland

The Literary Arts Emergency Fund, launched and managed by the Academy of American Poets, the Community of Literary Magazines & Presses (CLMP), and the National Book Foundation in Summer/Fall 2020, distributed $3,530,000 in emergency funding to 282 nonprofit literary arts organizations and publishers nationwide that experienced severe financial losses due to COVID-19.

In Fall 2021, the Academy of American Poets, CLMP, and the National Book Foundation announced that the Fund will re-open and distribute a total of $4,300,000 in a second round of emergency funding. Read the full announcement here.

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related hardships for organizations nationally, we’ve re-opened the Literary Arts Emergency Fund submission portal for a two-week extension from Wednesday, January 19, 2022 to Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 6:00pm EST.

All applicant organizations will be notified whether or not they received funding via Submittable by Monday, April 11, 2022.

The 2021-2022 Literary Arts Emergency Fund panelists for the National Book Foundation are Diana Marie Delgado, James G. Thomas, Jr., and Jafreen Uddin. Read more about the panelists here.

The Literary Arts Emergency Fund is made possible the Mellon Foundation.

Are organizations and publishers who previously received grant funding from the Literary Arts Emergency Fund eligible to apply?
Yes, all organizations and publishers who meet our eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply, regardless of previous award decisions.

If our organization doesn’t show an overall loss or deficit for FY 2021, should we still apply?
Yes, we encourage all eligible organizations and publishers to apply. There are narrative opportunities within the application to share context around how the pandemic affected your organization and to depict the full financial picture of various losses and challenges experienced beyond a single fiscal year.

Are presses and organizations hosted by a university or institution eligible?
Yes, hosted presses and organizations are eligible if the university, institution, or accompanying foundation arm has a 501(c)3 status, or works with a fiscal agent with 501(c)3 status.

Are organizations with writer and book-focused education programming outside of schools eligible?
Yes, organizations offering access to reading, literature, and professional writers are eligible, and these activities can take place at sites other than schools and traditional classrooms.

If my organization works with a fiscal agent, should I submit the financial and Board of Directors information for my organization or for the fiscal agent?
Please answer the financial and Board of Director questions for your organization, not the fiscal agent.

What time period should I use for questions about fiscal years?
Please use your organization’s fiscal year as you defined it in the application.

What if my FY 2021 is not yet completed?
Please use your best projection.

If my organization does not currently collect demographic information from its staff and board members, what is your recommendation for a competitive application?
We encourage organizations to report demographic information drawn from sources that allow individuals to voluntarily self-identify. If your organization does not currently collect demographic information, please refer to Candid and CHANGE Philanthropy’s sample survey.

Is there a template or a guide to prepare an application?
The full application is available via Submittable. Once you set up an account and respond to the eligibility questions, you will be able to view the full application. You can save your submission in draft form before having to submit.

Am I able to submit a 0 (zero) as a response in a number field?
Yes. When you submit, if any 0 (zero) responses show up as an error, please re-enter a 0 (zero), and press “submit” again. Please double check all of your responses—especially numerical value fields—before you submit. Beware of the scroll feature for number fields!

Is my organization able to have multiple team members work on the application?
Yes, you can invite and work with collaborators within Submittable. There is one application owner per organization (the person that begins the application), and that person must be the one to submit the application, and will receive Submittable notifications. Please find more information via Submittable here.

How do I get a copy of my application after submitting it?
You are able to download a copy of your application via Submittable. Please find more information via Submittable here.

How can I request an edit to my submission?
There is a link in the submitter’s interface that allows submitters to send an edit request to our organization’s primary email. Please find more information via Submittable here.

Is there a way to upload any additional files or supplemental materials to include with my application?

Whether or not I receive funding, will I receive feedback on my application’s award decision?
At this time, the three managing organizations are unable to offer feedback to applicants on award decisions.

Is this funding earmarked for specific project support?
No, the one-time grants awarded are unrestricted and may be used by your organization for general operating support.

What will reporting entail?
While the Fund does not require a formal grant report, we will send a follow-up survey to grantees to help us continue to advocate on behalf of literary organizations and publishers nationally.

The literary arts organizations and publishers receiving emergency funding in 2022 are:

1455 ($5,000)

2892 Miles to Go ($5,000)

826 Boston ($5,000)

826 MSP ($5,000)

826 New Orleans ($10,000)

826CHI ($5,000)

826DC ($5,000)

826LA ($5,000)

826michigan ($5,000)

826NYC ($5,000)

Adirondack Center for Writing ($15,000)

Afghan American Artists and Writers Association ($10,000)

African Poetry Book Fund ($10,000)

African Voices Communications ($15,000)

Alabama Writers’ Forum ($15,000)

Alaska Quarterly Review ($15,000)

Alice James Books ($25,000)

Alternative Field ($5,000)

The American Literary Translators Association ($15,000)

American Poetry Review ($10,000)

American Short Fiction ($15,000)

Anaphora Literary Arts ($10,000)

Apogee Journal ($5,000)

Archipelago Books ($25,000)

Arte Publico Press ($50,000)

Artefactus Cultural Project ($15,000)

Asian American Writers’ Workshop ($25,000)

Aspen Words ($10,000)

Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) ($25,000)

Aunt Lute Books ($15,000)

Austin Bat Cave ($25,000)

Autumn House Press ($15,000)

Backbone Press ($5,000)

Balir ($15,000)

Bamboo Ridge Press ($25,000)

Bay Area Book Festival ($25,000)

Bowery Poetry Club ($10,000)

Behind the Book ($15,000)

Bellevue Literary Press ($25,000)

Bellevue Literary Review ($5,000)

Beloit Poetry Journal ($5,000)

Belt Media Collaborative (Belt Magazine) ($5,000)

Beyond Baroque Foundation ($25,000)

Birds, LLC ($10,000)

Black Ink: A Charleston African American Book Festival ($5,000)

Blue Stoop of Culture Trust ($25,000)

BOA Editions, Ltd. ($25,000)

BOMB Magazine ($10,000)

Bookmarks ($10,000)

Boston Book Festival  ($15,000)

Brink Literacy Project (F(r)iction) ($10,000)

Brooklyn Book Festival ($25,000)

Brooklyn Poets ($5,000)

Buckeye Authors Book Fair Committee ($15,000)

Bushwick Book Club ($5,000)

The Cabin Idaho ($10,000)

California Poets in the Schools ($10,000)

Cambodian American Literary Arts Association ($5,000)

CantoMundo ($25,000)

Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning ($15,000)

Cascadia Poetics LAB ($5,000)

Catamaran Literary Reader ($10,000)

CavanKerry Press ($15,000)

Cave Canem Foundation ($50,000)

Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College ($25,000)

The Center for Fiction ($25,000)

Center for the Art of Translation ($50,000)

Centrum ($5,000)

Chapter 510 Ink ($25,000)

CHARM: Voices of Baltimore Youth ($15,000)

Chicago Poetry Center ($5,000)

City of Asylum Pittsburgh ($25,000)

City of Asylum/Detroit ($15,000)

CityLit Project ($15,000)

Coffee House Press ($50,000)

Common Foundation (The Common) ($10,000)

Common Notions Press ($10,000)

Community Literature Initiative ($10,000)

Community of Writers ($15,000)

Community-Word Project ($25,000)

Conjunctions ($5,000)

ConTextos ($10,000)

Contratiempo ($10,000)

Copper Canyon Press ($25,000)

Creative Nonfiction Foundation ($10,000)

Cuatrogatos Foundation ($15,000)

Day Eight ($5,000)

Dayton Literary Peace Prize Foundation ($10,000)

December Publishing ($5,000)

Deep Center ($5,000)

Deep Vellum ($15,000)

DewMore Baltimore ($10,000)

DreamYard Project ($10,000)

The Drift Magazine ($5,000)

Driftless Writing Center ($5,000)

Dzanc Books ($10,000)

Editora Educación Emergente ($5,000)

Electric Lit ($15,000)

Elizabeth Kostova Foundation ($5,000)

Elk River Arts & Lectures ($5,000)

Epiphany Literary Magazine ($5,000)

Etruscan Press ($10,000)

Eulalia Books ($5,000)

Evergreen Review ($5,000)

Everybody Wins DC ($5,000)

Feminist Press ($25,000)

Fence Magazine ($5,000)

Fishtrap ($10,000)

Foglifter Press ($10,000)

Four Way Books ($15,000)

Free Verse Writing Project ($15,000)

Furious Flower Poetry Center at James Madison University ($15,000)

Futurepoem ($10,000)

A Gathering of the Tribes ($15,000)

Gemini Ink ($25,000)

Georgia Writers Association ($5,000)

Get Lit! Festival ($5,000)

Get Lit – Words Ignite ($10,000)

Girls Write Now ($15,000)

Graywolf Press ($50,000)

Greensboro Literary Organization ($15,000)

GrubStreet ($15,000)

Guernica ($10,000)

Guild Literary Complex ($5,000)

Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts ($15,000)

Hanging Loose Press ($10,000)

The Head and The Hand ($15,000)

Herstory Writers Workshop ($15,000)

House of SpeakEasy Foundation ($10,000)

The Hudson Review ($10,000)

Hypertext Magazine & Studio ($5,000)

Image ($10,000)

In Black Ink ($15,000)

In-Na-Po, Indigenous Nations Poets  ($25,000)

Inprint ($15,000)

International Women’s Writing Guild ($5,000)

Just Buffalo Literary Center ($25,000)

Kaya Press ($25,000)

Kearny Street Workshop ($25,000)

Kenyon Review ($10,000)

Kimbilio ($15,000)

Kore Press Institute ($15,000)

Kundiman ($25,000)

Kweli Journal ($15,000)

Lambda Literary ($50,000)

Letras Latinas at University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies ($15,000)

LibroMobile ($15,000)

Libros El Navegante ($10,000)

Life Journeys Writers Club ($5,000)

Literary Arts ($25,000)

Literary Cleveland ($5,000)

Literary Freedom Project ($10,000)

The Literary Review ($5,000)

Litmus Press ($5,000)

Litquake Foundation ($10,000)

The Loft Literary Center ($15,000)

Lookout Books ($10,000)

Los Angeles Review of Books ($15,000)

Lost Horse Press ($10,000)

Louisville Literary Arts ($5,000)

Louisville Story Program ($10,000)

Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance ($10,000)

MAKE Literary Productions ($10,000)

The Markaz Review ($25,000)

Marsh Hawk Press ($5,000)

Mass Poetry ($15,000)

The Massachusetts Review ($10,000)

McSweeney’s ($25,000)

Miami Book Fair ($15,000)

Milkweed Editions ($15,000)

Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop ($50,000)

Mississippi Book Festival ($15,000)

Missoula Writing Collaborative ($5,000)

Missouri Review ($10,000)

Mizna ($25,000)

Montana Book Festival ($5,000)

The Moth ($25,000)

The Muse Writers Center ($15,000)

n+1  ($5,000)

National Novel Writing Month ($25,000)

The National Poetry Series ($10,000)

National Youth Foundation ($5,000)

Nebraska Writers Collective ($5,000)

New Letters Magazine ($5,000)

New Literary Project ($10,000)

The New Orleans Poetry Festival ($5,000)

Nightboat Books ($15,000)

Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry ($10,000)

Nomadic Press ($15,000)

North Carolina Writers’ Network ($10,000)

North Dakota State University Press ($15,000)

Northern Arizona Book Festival ($5,000)

Northwestern University Press ($25,000)

Nuyorican Poets Cafe ($10,000)

NY Writers Coalition ($5,000)

O, Miami ($15,000)

Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora ($15,000)

The Offing ($5,000)

Omnidawn Publishing ($10,000)

One Book One New Orleans ($5,000)

One Story ($10,000)

Orion Magazine ($15,000)

OutWrite DC ($15,000)

Oxford American Literary Project ($10,000)

Page 15 ($10,000)

Parachute Literary Arts ($5,000)

The Paris Review ($10,000)

Passager Books ($5,000)

PEN American Center ($15,000)

PEN/Faulkner Foundation ($15,000)

Pen Parentis ($5,000)

PenUltimate Press ($10,000)

Philippine American Writers and Artists (PAWA) ($10,000)

Pleiades: Literature in Context ($5,000)

Ploughshares ($10,000)

Podium RVA ($10,000)

Poetry Center San Jose ($5,000)

Poetry Daily ($10,000)

Poetry Flash ($5,000)

The Poetry Project ($15,000)

Prairie Schooner ($5,000)

Poetry Society of America ($15,000)

Poetry Society of New York ($5,000)

Poets & Writers ($50,000)

Poets House ($10,000)

Polyphony Lit ($5,000)

The Porch ($15,000)

Public Poetry ($5,000)

A Public Space ($25,000)

RADAR Productions ($10,000)

Radius of Arab American Writers ($5,000)

Rain Taxi ($15,000)

The RED Bookshelf ($10,000)

Red Hen Press ($25,000)

Restless Books ($25,000)

River Styx ($5,000)

Room Project ($15,000)

Roots. Wounds. Words. ($25,000)

Rose O’Neill Literary House ($5,000)

Ruminate Magazine ($5,000)

Saint Louis Poetry Center ($5,000)

San Antonio Book Festival ($15,000)

San Francisco Writers Conference ($5,000)

Sarabande Books ($15,000)

Seattle Arts & Lectures ($25,000)

Semiotexte Limited ($5,000)

The Seventh Wave Magazine ($5,000)

Shout Mouse Press ($10,000)

Siglio ($15,000)

Sinister Wisdom ($5,000)

Sistories ($5,000)

Skagit River Poetry Foundation ($5,000)

Small Press Distribution ($10,000)

Small Press Traffic ($15,000)

So Say We All ($10,000)

Society of the Muse of the Southwest (SOMOS) ($15,000)

Southern Lit Alliance ($15,000)

Speculative Literature Foundation ($5,000)

Split This Rock ($10,000)

Sundress Publications ($5,000)

Swan Isle Press ($5,000)

Teachers & Writers Collaborative ($25,000)

Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival ($15,000)

Texas Book Festival ($25,000)

Third World Press Foundation ($15,000)

The Threepenny Review ($10,000)

Torrey House Press ($15,000)

Town Hall Seattle ($10,000)

Transit Books ($15,000)

Triple Canopy ($10,000)

Tupelo Press ($15,000)

The Tuxedo Project ($15,000)

Twelve Literary Arts ($15,000)

Two Dollar Radio ($15,000)

Ugly Duckling Presse ($15,000)

Underground Writing ($5,000)

Undocupoets ($5,000)

University of Arizona Poetry Center ($15,000)

University of Pittsburgh Press ($10,000)

Urban Word NYC ($50,000)

Virginia Children’s Book Festival ($5,000)

Voices of our Nations Arts Foundation ($50,000)

Wendy’s Subway ($5,000)

Wesleyan University Press ($25,000)

White Pine Press ($10,000)

Wick Poetry Center ($15,000)

Women in Comics Collective International ($5,000)

Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville ($15,000)

Woodland Pattern Book Center ($25,000)

The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary ($15,000)

Word Up Community Bookshop ($50,000)

WordPlay Cincy ($15,000)

Words Without Borders ($25,000)

Write Around Portland ($15,000)

Write Now! SF Bay ($10,000)

Write On, Door County ($5,000)

Writers & Books ($15,000)

The Writer’s Center ($10,000)

The Writer’s Garret ($10,000)

Writers in Baltimore Schools ($15,000)

Writers in the Schools ($25,000)

Writers’ League of Texas ($5,000)

The Writers Room ($10,000)

YALLFest Charleston ($15,000)

YMCA of Central New York’s Downtown Writers Center ($15,000)

Young Authors Greenhouse ($5,000)

Young Chicago Authors ($10,000)

Young, Black & Lit ($10,000)

Youth Speaks ($50,000)

Zephyr Press ($5,000)

Zoeglossia ($25,000)

Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation ($50,000)

ZYZZYVA ($15,000)

The administering organizations convened three separate grantmaking panels and disbursements were approved by each organization’s Board. The panelists were:

At the Academy of American Poets: Teri Cross Davis, Alberto Ríos, and Janice Sapigao.

At CLMP: Joseph O. Legaspi, Steph Opitz, and Sara Ortiz.

At the National Book Foundation: Diana Marie Delgado, James G. Thomas, Jr., and Jafreen Uddin.

Read the full announcement here.

Regrants from this fund are made possible by the Mellon Foundation.

The literary arts organizations and publishers that received emergency funding in 2020 are: 

The administering organizations convened three separate grantmaking panels to make recommendations for the final award decisions. The panelists were:

At the Academy of American Poets: Richard BlancoRuth Ellen Kocher, and Deborah Paredez

At CLMP: Harold Augenbraum, Nate Marshall, and Elda Rotor

At the National Book Foundation: Ken Chen, Andre Perry, and Keren Taylor

Read the full announcement here.

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