James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read, Winner of the 2009 Innovations in Reading Prize

February 2016



When James Patterson found out his son Jack didn’t share the same love of books as his father, James took it upon himself to fix the situation, by going out every summer and choosing books he knew Jack would love. He even started writing books for kids to get Jack interested. James decided to take his passion for books and reading to a new level with ReadKiddoRead.com, an easy, hassle-free place where parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians will find the very best books to turn their kids into lifelong, dedicated readers.

“There are millions of kids who have never read a book they’ve liked. There are also thousands of children’s books out there—this site lists the ones they won’t be able to resist,” James says.

Children’s literature consultant Judy Freeman also works on the site, writing a bulk of the reviews. “Our goal is to select compelling pageturners kids won’t be able to put down and make them eager to read more. While we originally thought the targeted audience for ReadKiddoRead would be grownups, it’s been gratifying to see how much kids have been using it as well.” says Judy.

“We’re ecstatic over winning this recognition,” says James. “The site is working. And with the National Book Foundation on our side, I hope many more adults will be inspired to take their kids’ reading habits into their own hands.”