Lotus Bloom and the Afro Revolution

Longlist, National Book Awards 2022 for Young People's Literature

book cover for Sherri Winston, Lotus Bloom and the Afro Revolution
ISBN 9781547608461
Bloomsbury Children's Books / Bloomsbury Publishing
author photo of Sherri Winston. (Photo courtesy of Sherri Winston)
Sherri Winston

Sherri Winston is the author of President of the Whole Fifth Grade, a Sunshine State Young Readers Award selection; President of the Whole Sixth Grade, a Kids' Indie Next pick; President of the Whole Sixth Grade: Girl Code; The Sweetest Sound, a Kirkus Best Book of the Year; Jada Sly: Artist & Spy, and The Kayla Chronicles. More about this author >

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From the publisher:

Lotus Bloom just wants to express herself–with her violin, her retro style, and her peaceful vibe, not to mention her fabulous hair.

This school year, Lotus is taking her talent and spirit to the seventh grade at a new school of the arts. The one where she just might get to play under the famous maestro, a violin virtuoso and conductor of the orchestra. But Lotus’s best friend, Rebel, thinks Lotus should stay at their school. Why should this fancy new school get all the funding and pull the brightest kids out? Rebel wants Lotus to help her protest, but Lotus isn’t sure. If she’s going to be in the spotlight, she’d rather it be for her music.

Then, when boys throw paper wads and airplanes into Lotus’s afro, Lotus finds herself in trouble for a dress code violation. Lotus must choose–should she stay quiet and risk her beloved hair, or put aside her peaceful vibe and risk everything to fight back?

Inspired by real stories of Black girls fighting dress codes that discriminate against their hair and culture, beloved author Sherri Winston introduces a memorable character who finds her way to speak up for what’s right, no matter what it takes.