A Walker in the City

Finalist, National Book Awards 1952 for Nonfiction

A Walker in the City, by Alfred Kazin book cover, 1952
ISBN 9780156941761
Mariner Books | Harcourt, Brace
Photo of Alfred Kazin
Alfred Kazin

Kazin said of his motivations to write, "From my first conscious moments I was absorbed in the most intimate problems of the working class, in the fire and color of immigrant life. I was by temperament created for the idea of revolution, in the sense of making the world over and creating a new society." More about this author >

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Kazin’s memorable description of his life as a young man as he makes the journey from Brooklyn to “americanca”-the larger world that begins at the other end of the subway in Manhattan. A classic portrayal of the Jewish immigrant culture of the 1930s. [Mariner Books]